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Have you accidentally deleted something in your MS Outlook and can’t find it? Would you like a program that will recover these missing items for you? Well, look no further! Scanpst.exe Pro works to fix your Outlook PST, recovering various program items including your calendar events and mail. Think it’s just a dream; that it can’t really happen? Download a trial version of Scanpst.exe Pro and scan for free to see for yourself.



  • Free PST file scan
  • Esay for use
  • Support all Outlook versions
  • Undelete emails
  • Recover password protected PST

REquired 18 MB for installation

What are some of the features of Scanpst.exe Pro?


1 – Easy to use, step by step recovery wizard.

2 – Bring back PST files from Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000.

3 – Bring back messages, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks.

4 – Come back from PST compacting problems.

5 – Fix PST files that have been damaged from network problems.

6 – Bring back PST files that are password protected.

7 – Bring back HTML and RTF formatting in messages.

8 – Effortlessly uninstall program


Try Before You Buy


Free scan your mailbox for lost emails

How Does The Recovery System Work


You might be wondering how to use the recovery system? Actually, it’s very easy:


1 – Choose the PST file

2 – Choose scan settings

3 – Scan the PST file

4 – Look over the material found

5 – (If you’re happy) Activate the software

6 – Import the PST file back into Outlook

7 – If you’re unable to open the PST file, do a normal scan

8 – If you’re having issues with the hard disk, carry out a smart scan


Program Doesn’t Affect The Outlook Mailbox


When you’re scanning the PST, the Scanpst.exe reads just the information and won’t make changes to the Outlook PST file. In the recovery process, a brand new copy of the PST file is made and the original one is kept undamaged.


A Look At Scanpst.exe Pro and MS Scanpst.exe


There is no doubt that Microsoft Outlook is an outstanding product, with newer versions offering newer features. Of course, with these new features means the database of Outlook is a bit more complicated than the version before. The original Scanpst.exe repair tool that’s already in the MS Office program has limited recovering abilities for the majority of the Outlook mailbox database fiascos.


There are many instances were a professional too l is demanded, which is why it’s best to try the free Scanpst.exe program first. If it’s clear you need the professional version, download the scanpst.exe Professional version for a safe recovery for your important and sensitive information.

Where To Find The File


Now, the location of the program file is going to vary based on your version of the outlook program. However, an example of the location in Outlook 2010 is: [C:]Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14.


How Does The Scanpst.exe Pro Program Repair Outlook


If you’re unable to start Outlook, even though you have data files available, it could be that the internal settings are inaccurate. Don’t fret! Use the free Scanpst.exe Pro program to see how it deals with Outlook issues.


Uninstalling The Scanpst.exe Pro Program

It takes no time or skill at all to uninstall the program. Just go to the control panel and uninstall the PST Scanner program.


A Free Scan and Preview Of Your Mailbox


A free scan is offered with the Scanpst.exe Pro program, and you’re only charged if recovery is 100 percent possible. If it’s a hardware issue, your hard drive may be keeping the data from being read. If this is the case, it’s best to get in touch with a hard disk recovery firm